When I started my Random Material Generator ( http://blenderartists.org/forum/show...ial-Generator-) ) I knew that no material can look really interesting without some kind of use of textures. The reason is obvious a texture not only adds detail on a material but also brakes its uniformity making it much more interesting and natural. So it was always my intention to implement some kind of texture randomisation inside my material randomisation. However the issue was that RMG grow bigger , more complex and much more powerful I did not want to cram the interface so I decided to implement texture randomisation as a separate tool always from inside GYES.

The big diffirence between RMG and RTG is that the gui in RTG is adaptive to the texture type choosen. That means that GUI changes each time a diffirent type of texture is chosen making sure that only the necessary parameters are displayed keeping the GUI as compact as possible.

The tool is still a WIP but I have finished implementation , for texture types "BLEND", "NOISE", "CLOUDS" ,"DISTORTED_NOISE" and create my own type called "RANDOM" that chooses randomly one of the above 4 texture types and of course it randomises it too.

As in RMG simple mode give you the ability to choose which parameters you want to randomise and percentage mode gives you the ability to choose how much those parameters will be randomised . General percentage is used in case any of the parameter percentage randomisation is 0% , it makes it easy to have the same percentage for any amount of parameters. Percentage means the following : 100% is the full range of available values for the specific parameter, any percentage is divided in half, half going bellow the current value and half going above , so for example 50% of parameter that its minimum value is 0 and its maximum 6 and current value 3 , it will give a random value value in the range of 1.5 to 4.5.

Many things are yet to implemented till this is done, but its no less a released script that should be very useful for you. Bare in mind there is an error each time you change the type of the texture from inside RTG gui, I dont know why this happens but I will speak with blender devs to see if its a blender bug or a mistake from my part. This bug has not crashed my blender or stoped the script from working properly , but caution should be exercised and always save your work before trying this script.

RTG is part of my GYES addon so chances are if you got the latest version of RMG you already have RTG as well. Dont hesitate to ask any questions and here is the link of the download.