Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blofeld Editor VST with JAVA

I have already started making a blofeld editor using the VST framerwork from JAVA with the help of the jVSTwRapper . The editor will probably implement the basic functionality of Waldorf Blofeld synth and will exclude any sysex related features like the arpeggiator and utility parameters which can be unstable in some hosts. Building a very good looking GUI is the purpose as well. But for now a non GUI version is the highest priority which will control alla CC controllable parameters of the Waldorf Blofeld synthesiszer.

I have already made a first version which can control the cutoff of the first filter but I experience problems with making midi pass thru the editor. As soon as I solve this problem , then the non gui editor will be just a matter of time ;)

Watch this space for all updates.

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